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0215415 300x250 Polish television: buy from the bestMovies move us. And these words are not accidental homonyms. It is known for a fact that more than 90% of the information about the world around us we perceive through our sight. And what attracts us the most in the environment are pictures, especially moving pictures. So, cinema, theatre, and television are probably the greatest inventions within the history of humanity. They enigmatically capture our attention, saturate us with information, and trigger our emotions. The only thing left to do is to find the quality provider of the television, and here is when PolBox.TV comes into play.

Polish TV channels – the source of entertainment and information

They say our craving for moving images dates millions of years back and owes to the survival instinct. Our eyes are designed to spot food in the distance, which often used to be a moving target. Anyway, nowadays the most popular websites in the world are viewed around 1 billion hours of content per day.

But there is a much better means to enjoy quality videos called internet TV. Basically, it represents regular television enhanced with the latest technical achievements of the internet. It unites people around the globe so that wherever you are, you can still stay attached to your ancestry in Poland.

Here are some opportunities offered by Polish TV online:

  • 120+ best TV channels streamed directly from Poland
  • 3,000+ movies dubbed in Polish in the HD quality
  • most widespread radio stations in the Polish language
  • Polish TV on the internet is reachable on any device (TV set, PC/laptop, tablet/smartphone) and in any location in the world (from your car to remote cabin in deep woods)
  • take advantage of its flexibility – watch it live, record it, move its schedule, order videos on demand, restrict access of your kids to certain adult content, etc.

Unlimited streaming of Polish TV channels is at your disposal 24/7 delivered by PolBox.TV. You are also welcome to reach out to our technical department that also operates around the clock whenever the necessity arises.

 Polish television: buy from the best

Polish television for free during the 3-day trial period

We are encouraging you to try Polish television online with our special offer: the first three days of online TV from Poland are absolutely free. You will be rendered access to the Premium package of services that will let you evaluate the major advantages of the Polish television. We are here for you to put to use this beautiful idea that television is not only the precious source of news, education, and entertainment, but also the indispensable intermediary between you and your Polish homeland.